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If we have just started with your account and your books have not been properly documented, corresponding documents are missing and lack of reconciliation in the past years, we will need to review and clean up some or all those past years’ records to start accurate and up to date. We will review your bank accounts, credit card accounts, fixed assets, accounts payables, accounts receivables, reconcile the accounts, enter bills, enter invoices, and investigate all discrepancies under one clean-up service fee.

This service's fee is determined by, but not limited to, preparing the suitable chart of accounts, how many transactions in the accounts, how many years involved, how complex the investigations and corrections are, what documents are missing and what is determined to be the new procedures to keep the system clean and simple going forward. If you don’t have accurate records, or you don’t know where you stand with your accounts, you won’t be able to make any strategic business decisions. You may miss out on deductions or income on your tax returns. This oversight could lead to a higher tax expense than required or an incorrect tax return.



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With the growing popularity of cloud-based services, my firm hires other bookkeepers, and they work remotely with our clients. This may present a learning curve for you. On the other hand, it’s a step towards building a paperless office. Learn More...